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Zen Animal Wellness

Compassionate Pet Care Comes to You!


Compassionate Pet Care Comes to You

What We Do


Acupuncture is helpful both as a sole therapy and in conjunction with western or other modalities. Most pets tolerate or even love acupuncture

Herbal Therapy

Chinese herbs can be used alone or in conjunction with western medicines. They work synergistically with acupuncture to help support the patient and improve the root pattern of their illness.

Food Therapy

Food is medicine. What and how you feed your pet is very important to their overall health and can be an important part of their recovery.


Every day wellness includes things like lab work, including functional lab testing like microbiome testing , vitamin D, Magnesium and other screening tests.  It also includes needed vaccinations and exams.

About Us

Zen Animal Wellness is a house call practice serving Taos, Rio Arriba, Los Alamos and Santa Fe Counties. We have been offering these services for 10 years in Taos County ane we are excited to expand into Rio Arriba, Los Alamos and Santa Fe Counties.  We offer Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in addition to more western wellness services such as blood work and vaccines. We do not offer any services requiring anesthesia (such as dental procedures or spay/neuter) or X-Ray services.

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